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Contact us about this article Essential California Good morning, and welcome to the  Essential California newsletter. Enterprise business reporter Daniel Miller was still covering the entertainment industry back bcn αδυνάτισμα when he received the assignment that would lead him to Big Willie Robinson — and down a yearlong rabbit hole — deep into Los Angeles απώλεια βάρους mib kangnam, street racing and the unfurling story of an extraordinary man who sought to end the violence in a city torn apart by the Watts Riots.

But first, back to spring The union that represents Hollywood writers was on the verge of a strike that year, and Daniel απώλεια βάρους mib kangnam sent to write a story about how that strike might affect the local businesses that cater to film and TV productions. The strike was eventually averted, but Daniel talked to florists, caterers, transportation firms and the like.

By then, Daniel had told Moser about his family history the reporter hails from three generations of L. He mentioned Tom Bradley.

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He mentioned Otis Chandler, the former publisher of the L. Howard Koby But when Daniel returned to the office and began to research Big Willie, it became clear that much of what Moser had said was verifiable.

Who was Big Willie Robinson? The idea is that you can bring people together around cars, and in particular, street racing. When was this? Big Willie started pushing this idea in the s in the wake of the Watts riots.

He got a surprising amount of support from the powers that be in Los Angeles. Cops, politicians — all sorts of people — saw his vision and got behind him. They gave him the backing he needed.


And it worked. As part of the story, I talked to people in law enforcement who said that certain types of crime did go down when Big Willie got involved, particularly crime related to street racing. We should note that street racing is obviously illegal. But Big Willie pushed a safer, more organized way to do it.

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He eventually opened a racetrack where people could get off the streets and drag race. Willie and his group pushed a message of positivity at a time when L.

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What was s L. Big Willie really got his start after the Watts riots of InWillie began to organize as a street racer. The riots exposed the depths of L.

You had a city that was largely segregated, with African Americans mostly living in South Los Angeles.

The LAPD was considered by many to be a brutal and racist force, and for some that had been exposed by the riots.

I think you had city leaders who were looking inward to try to see how they could improve things, while also examining the mistakes that were made that led to the riots.

What kind of role did Big Willie play in the απώλεια βάρους mib kangnam of the riots?

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Thirty-four people died during the Watts riots. Twenty-five were black. Nearly 3, people were arrested and more than 1, were injured. It was a catastrophe.

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But, it gave Willie an opportunity. I think that the authorities were desperate for a reset button, and Willie could be a bridge between law enforcement and the communities that they were policing. With help from the police, Willie was able to better organize street races — making them safer.

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Later, his racetrack on Terminal Island took things to another level. Well, I will say that he got plenty of media coverage back in the day. National car magazines also λίπος καυστήρα z yohimbine about Willie, and he appeared on local TV news, too.

But to απώλεια βάρους mib kangnam point — he did fade into obscurity as time wore on. And I wanted to find out why.

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