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To cook any kind of dish on one shelf only. Use the componentes del fat burner level.


Preheat the oven to the required temperature. Componentes del fat burner oven is ready for introducing food when the thermostat light goes off.

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To grill small pieces of meat, under the smaller grill. It is advisable to place food on the 4th level at max. Preheat the oven for 3 - 5 min. The oven door must remain closed during cooking.

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To grill chops, kebabs and sausages using all the grill; to gratinate vegetables or toast bread. It is advisable to place food on the 4th level.

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When grilling meat, use the drip-tray to collect the cooking juices. Position it on the 3rd level, adding about half a litre of water.


To roast large pieces of meat legs, roast beef, chickens. Position the food amc απώλεια βάρους opp the middle levels.

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Use a drip-tray to collect the cooking componentes del fat burner. The oven does not have to be preheated. It is advisable to turn the meat over during cooking, to obtain even browning on both sides. With this function it is possible to use the rotisserie, if provided.

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To cook different foods requiring the same cooking temperature on a maximum of two shelves at the same time e. This function can be used to cook different foods without odours being transferred from one food to componentes del fat burner.

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Use the 2nd level to cook on one shelf only. To cook on two shelves, use the 2nd and 4th levels, preheating the oven first. To finish cooking food with a very liquid consistency and to obtain crisp, golden bases.

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Also useful for thickening sauces. It is advisable to place componentes del fat burner on the 2nd cooking level. Preheat the oven. To speed up defrosting of food. Place food on the middle level. It is advisable to leave food in its packaging to prevent it from drying out on the outside. ENGLISH 10 Advice and tips regarding use How to read the cooking table: The table indicates the best function to use for a given food, to be cooked on one or more shelves at the same time.

Cooking times start from the moment food is placed in the oven, excluding preheating where required.

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Cooking temperatures and times are only approximate and depend on the amount of food and type of accessory used. Use the lowest recommended values initially and, if cooking results are not those desired, use higher values. It is advisable to use the accessories supplied and preferably darkcoloured metal cake tins and pans. Pots and accessories in Pyrex or porcelain can also be used, but cooking times will be slightly longer.

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Remove the food requiring shorter cooking times and leave food requiring longer cooking times in the oven. Cakes -- Bake delicate componentes del fat burner with the conventional function on one level only. Use dark-coloured metal cake tins and always position them on the rack supplied.

To cook on more than one shelf, select the forced air function and arranged the cake tins in a staggered way on the racks, to favour air circulation. If the toothpick comes out dry, the cake is ready. If the base of the cake is soggy, lower the shelf and sprinkle the bottom of the cake with breadcrumbs or biscuit crumbs before adding componentes del fat burner filling.

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Meat -- Use any kind componentes del fat burner pan or Pyrex dish suitable for the size of the meat being cooked. For roasts, it is best to pour a little stock on the bottom of the pan, basting the meat during cooking for added flavour. Pay attention to the steam created during this operation. When the roast is ready, leave it in the oven for another minutes, or wrap it in aluminium foil.

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Very thick pieces of meat require longer cooking times. To prevent the meat from burning on the outside, move it away from the grill by placing the rack at a lower level. Turn the meat two thirds of the way through cooking, paying attention to the steam when opening the door.

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