Hw 2 slim down

hw 2 slim down

Разве машина, которая привезла меня сюда, не в состоянии отправить меня и обратно.

Mary at school? I ten years hw 2 slim down George isn t at home. The books Write short answers. Yes, they are.

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Write the sentences in the Interrogative and Negative. Are Judy and Jim happy? Judy and Jim aren t happy.

hw 2 slim down

Choose the correct answer. Write it on the line. This is Pappas is in They re English. They are at Athens airport. They are from a small town called Colchester. It is near London. Sparrow is in Athens for his job.


He is an English teacher. Sparrow is a housewife. Their three children are with them. Their names are Ron, Maggie, and Benjy. Ron and Maggie are twins. They are thirteen years old and they are tall and slim with fair hair.

Benjy is their little brother. He s eight years old. He s short and fat with glasses. Are the children happy? They are very happy because they are in Greece. Are Mr.

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Sparrow happy? No, they are not. In fact, they are tired and very hot. The airport is busy.

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It is full of people but Mr. Sparrow s friend is here. He is Greek. His name is Mr. He is at the gate with his son, Dimitris. They are very pleased to see the Sparrows.

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  3. Многих он знал в лицо, а то и по имени, и на секунду даже подумал присоединиться к их развлечениям.

New words Welcome! Tick the true sentences. Write Yes or No. Sparrow is a teacher. Pappas English? Προβλήματα υγείας από την απώλεια βάρους A. Write the nationality next to the country. Make sentences. Pappas and Dimitris He s in bed. Come in! She s It isn t black. Write the missing words. I m Italian. I m from England.

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He s from Our country is Greece. Hw 2 slim down, of course.

We re In fact, I m from Chicago in She s from China. Mary You and Bill The cat Ben and Helen John Sparrow isn t a teacher Sparrow isn t happy Ron is my brother Match the questions with the answers. Answer the questions. Pappas: Mr. Sparrow: Mrs. Sparrow: Benjy: Ron: Mr.

Pappas: Dimitris: Mr. Sparrow: Maggie: Mr. Pappas: Mrs. It s good to hw 2 slim down you again. Welcome to Greece! Hello, Kostas.

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We re happy to be here. This is my family. I m Jane. I m Jack s wife. These are our children Ron, Maggie and Benjy? Where s Benjy? Here I am. He s behind the trolley with the suitcases. This is my son, Dimitris. He s fourteen years old. Pleased to meet you. Our jeep is outside. It s very warm here.

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Is it far to Filothei? No, it isn t far.

hw 2 slim down p6 απώλεια βάρους

Let s go. Where are your bags? They re on the trolley. There are four big suitcases. Be careful. They re heavy. This small bag is Benjy s. It s very light. What s in it? My tortoise of course.

Meet Oscar! New words Who? Pleased to No, they aren t. Grammar 1 I m Benjy. Sparrow is in Dimitris: Hello, Maggie: Hi! Maggie and these are Dimitris: Pleased Dimitris: Welcome Maggie: Thanks. Write the words in the sentences. Pappas has a black Circle the odd word. The suitcase is heavy. The jeep is You re always tired.

Yes, it hw 2 slim down. I m George. I m Bill.

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It s nice here. In, they re twins. Who is Oscar? Write the opposites Underline the correct answer.

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