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Continuing from Day 1, and looking further and getting more understanding about the possibility that why some people have a resistance to meditating and mindfulness. We now look at how to become aware kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya your thoughts and beliefs about meditation and mindfulness. Many core Beliefs are created from very early in our lives, between the ages of 0 - 7 years old.

kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya

Over these early years we are The information we absorb creates our beliefs, and this information in kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya early years comes mainly from observing and noticing our parents, main care gives and those close to us. By us watching and observing how these people react to situations and events and interact with each other, other people and the world around them, we kind of create a blue print set of beliefs for us to start living our lives.

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So, in short, most of our Beliefs and very importantly core beliefs are the beliefs of others. Here is something you can do today… 1. From now until then become aware of any negative thoughts or things popping into your head that maybe putting obstacles for you not to meditate in 2 hours, as soon as you notice one write it down on a note pad, or on your mobile phone note pad app.

When this belief has been created, the resistance to meditate will slowly disappear and you will then perceive meditation as kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya important part of your day, and look forward to it.

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This new belief may need continued work and reinforcement to turn it into a core belief, but with this new found tool, you can start today to empower yourself and take your kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya back. PLEASE NOTE: This is only a basic example of a thought journal and how to create a new core belief, but it is a great start for you to start to understand and kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya that it is possible, and you have the power to do it if you want to….

In future teaching days we will expand on how we have created beliefs and thought kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya throughout the whole of our lives, and how to also create new more positive beliefs and core beliefs that empower us.

kundalini απώλεια βάρους kriya

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