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The official homepage provides further information and screenshots.

How to speed up the Gnome Shell Desktop

The official homepage provides further information. As this includes the ability to invoke an assigned keybind for the Openbox desktop menu, it is therefore possible to use XDoTool to turn the Openbox desktop menu into a panel menu.

Navigation menu

Especially where the desktop menu is heavily customised and feature-rich, this may prove very useful to: Replace an existing panel menu Implement a panel menu where otherwise not provided or possible e.

While some panels will allow the above command to be executed directly in the process of creating a new launcher, others may require the use of an executable script.

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As an example, a custom executable script called obpanelmenu. Consequently, where using a panel that supports drag-and-drop functionality to add new launchers, simply drag the executable script onto it before changing the icon to suit personal taste.

For instructions on how to use this executable script with tint2-svn AUR [ broken link : archived in aur-mirror ] - a derivative of the popular tint2 panel that allows launchers to be added - see Tint2-Svn launchers [ broken link : invalid section]. It is important to note that a substantial range of both Openbox-specific and generalised, Openbox-compatible GTK themes are available to change the look of window decorations and the desktop menu.

For example, gtk-theme-numix-blue AUR [ broken link : archived in slim down gnome 3 ] supports both Openbox and Xfce. Both will also be immediately available for selection.

Installation: other sources box-look.

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Many more can be found through the utilisation of a search engine. Zip and tar files Themes downloaded from other sources such as box-look. Although tar will have been installed as part of the base arch installation to extract.

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Troubleshooting There are two particular problems that may be encountered on rare occasions, especially where downloading themes from unsupported websites. These have been addressed below. Theme cannot be used If for any reason the newly extracted theme cannot be selected, open the theme directory to first ensure that it is indeed compatible with Openbox by determining that an openbox-3 directory is present, and that within this directory a themerc file is also present.

Slim down gnome 3 expected files and directories are present and correct, then on occasion it is possible that the theme author has not correctly set permission to access the file e. Otherwise, ensure that the Openbox GTK fix has been implemented, and then re-start the session.

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Unfortunately some older themes can simply break if not maintained sufficiently to keep pace with the changes incurred by GTK updates.

Edit or create new themes Tip: Where deciding to modify an existing theme e. This will retain the original should anything go wrong, and ensure that your changes are not over-written through an update. The process of creating new or modifying existing themes is covered extensively at the official openbox.

TheLinuxGK – A Greek site About Gnu/Linux

Compositing effects Openbox does not natively provide support for compositing, and it will therefore be necessary to install a compositor for this purpose. The use of compositing enables various desktop visual effects, including transparency, fading, and shadows.

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Although compositing is slim down gnome 3 a necessary component, it can help to provide a more pleasant-looking environment, and avoid common issues such as screen distortion when oblogout is used, and visual glitches when terminal window transparency has been enabled.

Three of the most common choices are: Compton : Powerful and reliable, with extensive options Xcompmgr : Older and simpler version of compton Cairo Compmgr : Advanced compositing effects, plugin support, and a user-friendly GUI. Also more buggy and far heavier use of system resources. Numerous themes are available from both the official repositories and the AUR.

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Standard xcursor theme packages available from the official repositories include xcursor-themesxcursor-bluecurvexcursor-vanilla-dmzand xcursor-pinux. It may then be necessary to either log out and back in again to implement the change, or to reconfigure Openbox.

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Application icon themes Standard xcursor theme packages available from the official repositories include the gnome-icon-theme and lxde-icon-theme. Desktop icons and wallpapers Openbox does not natively support the use of desktop icons or wallpapers.

A Greek site About Gnu/Linux

As a consequence, it will be necessary to install additional applications for this purpose, where desired. Desktop management using file managers Some file managers have the capacity to fully κέντρο απώλειας βάρους ranchi the desktop, meaning that they may be used to provide wallpapers and enable the use of icons on the desktop.

Review their documentation and man pages for more information.

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A slim down slim down gnome 3 3 of the most well known have been listed. In this instance, it will be necessary to add the full directory path and name of the image to be used as the wallpaper. As with Feh, it slim down gnome 3 be necessary to add the full directory path and name of the image to be used as the wallpaper. These programs are discussed briefly, below.

The Thunar file manager will also be downloaded as a dependency. Where this is used, the Openbox desktop menu will no longer be accessible by right-clicking the background. Thunar is the native file manager for Xfceand if installing be aware that some Xfce-related dependencies will also be installed, including exo set default applications and xfce4-about provide information about the Xfce deskop environment.

The menu entries for these may consequently have to be hidden. A file manager alone will not provide the same features and functionality as provided slim down gnome 3 default in full desktop environments like Xfce and KDE.

Σε προηγούμενο άρθρο καλύψαμε μερικά θέματα για τα γραφικά Intel σε Ubuntu, συγκεκριμένα: Πως να δούμε την ονομασία της κάρτας Ενημέρωση οδηγών Παρακολούθηση της χρήσης και της συχνότητας Benchmark των γραφικών με το glmark2 Οπότε αν σας αφορά κάποιο από αυτά τα θέματα διαβάστε πρώτα το προηγούμενο άρθρο. Επίλυση προβλήματος Screen Tearing σε βίντεο Οι περισσότεροι αγοράζουμε ένα απλό laptop με ενσωματωμένα γραφικά, για να αποφύγουμε προβλήματα με περίπλοκες ρυθμίσεις, υβριδικές κάρτες, οδηγούς κλειστού οδηγού και πολλά ακόμα φρικτά θέματα.

For example, it may not be initially possible to view or access other partitions slim down gnome 3 access removable media.

See File manager functionality for further information. Openbox slim down gnome 3 multihead users While Openbox provides better than slim down gnome 3 multihead support on its own, the openbox-multihead-git AUR package from the AUR provides a development branch called Openbox Multihead that gives multihead users per-monitor desktops. This model is not commonly found in floating window managers, but exists mainly in tiling window managers.

It is explained well on the Xmonad web site. Openbox Multihead will function like normal Openbox when only a single head is available. A downside to using Openbox Multihead is that it breaks the EWMH assumption that one and only one desktop is visible at any time.

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Thus, existing pagers will not work well with it. Screenshots It will work without Openbox Multihead if only one monitor is active. Tips and tricks Tip: See the List of applications article for many more possibilities. The packages listed below have been listed to aid newer users:.

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